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  • By: Farren Sheehan, Esq.
  • Published: November 10, 2017

After over a decade of providing the Austin area with expert real estate and estate planning legal services, The Law Office of Farren Smith is changing its name to Sheehan Law, PLLC. While the sign outside our office might be changing, we will continue to offer our clients comprehensive, compassionate, and efficient legal assistance, whether they have a real estate issue, an estate planning need, or a civil lawsuit issue.

What Is Changing At Sheehan Law, PLLC?

The main change is a large but simple one. As mentioned, The Law Office of Farren Smith is now Sheehan Law, PLLC. Along with this name change are three other related and notable changes:

  • Our logo is changing. It only made sense to revamp and update our logo, which includes our new name. We hope that our new logo captures the heart and spirit of our law office while helping to illustrate its mission and purpose.
  • Our website is being updated. We are excited to unveil a new website that better fits the needs of our users, including past clients, current clients, and potential future clients. The new website will be easier to navigate, mobile-friendly, and filled with the information and assistance you need about Texas real estate law and Texas estate planning law.
  • Our main email address is changing. General inquiries to our law office, such as questions about our services or inquiries about consultations, should now be directed to

What is Staying The Same At Sheehan Law, PLLC?

While we are changing our office’s name, streamlining our look, and providing our clients with a better online experience, everything else about our law office is staying the same. This includes:

  • Our location and contact information. We are still located at 1601 Pfenning Lane in Pflugerville, Texas. Our phone number and fax number will also remain the same.
  • Our team. Though we’ve expanded our team with some new faces, our core principles and values have remained. You will still receive the same high-quality care when you walk through our doors, and Attorney Farren Sheehan will provide you with the same expert legal help that she’s been providing since opening her practice in 2004.
  • Our services. We will continue to provide legal assistance to our clients in the following practice areas: real estate law, estate planning services, and civil suit assistance.
  • Our mission and philosophy. We will always offer our clients efficient, thorough, and thoughtful legal services, with a focus on excellence, customer service, and value.

Contact Sheehan Law Today

We invite you to ask a question about our services or schedule a private consultation with Farren Sheehan. To speak with our Austin real estate attorneys, please contact us either by calling (512) 355-0155 or emailing our office. We look forward to this new chapter in our office’s history and to sharing it with you.

We are dedicated to serving clients in Cedar Park, Round Rock, Pflugerville, and Austin, Texas, as well as the surrounding areas.

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