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“I’ve had the opportunity to observe Farren’s work in a complicated real estate/oil and gas litigation matter. She is beyond competent, highly professional and a true expert who grasped the important elements and issues of the case long before her opposing counsel. I’d recommend Farren without hesitation to anyone seeking representation in a real estate matter.”– John Hennan, Real estate Attorney

“Farren is the quintessential professional when it comes to estate planning, probate and real estate services. I have known her on both a professional and personal level for over 10 years and can attest to the fact that she stays informed and educated on the law and treats clients with all the respect and attention they deserve.”– Brooke Hardie, Estate planning Attorney

“Farren is an excellent attorney. She is smart, client-driven, and empathetic. I have highly enjoyed partnering with her on real estate litigation. Each time we have achieved an excellent result for our clients. I would recommend her to anyone. Additionally, I know she is well-respected in the probate court and is known to be a kind, well prepared, and efficient advocate. I highly, highly recommend this attorney.”– Eleanor Ruffner, Real estate Attorney

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