What Are Some Common Misconceptions About a Power of Attorney?
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What Are Some Common Misconceptions About a Power of Attorney?

In estate planning, a power of attorney is a written legal document that offers power and authority to another person over specific things on your behalf. It allows another person to “step into your shoes” with tasks that can be either very general or extremely specific. In order to be considered a power of attorney, …
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How to Arrange Your Inheritance for Your Children in Your Estate Plan

A crucial part of your estate plan involves the distribution of your property and assets to your children. These instructions for your kids should be clearly laid out in your will or living trust, and so it’s important to know all of the components you should be including. What Are My Property Arrangement Options? – …

A Landlord’s Duty to Repair a Residential Rental in Texas

Although many residential landlords perform repairs to their properties promptly and conscientiously, not every residential tenant is so fortunate. On the other side of the equation, expensive or excessive requests for repairs from tenants can quickly cause a rental property to become unprofitable, which can lead to increases in rent or a lack of incentive …