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“I have been working as a digital marketing strategist with Sheehan Law for many years now, and they have always been kind and professional in every interaction. The business relationship they maintain with us is strong thanks to their hard work and dedication and I imagine they treat their legal clients even better. It is definitely worth your time to contact this firm to see if they can help you with your probate, estate planning and real estate issues.”– Kellen W.

“Sheehan law has been our family law firm for years. Unexpectedly both of my parents passes away within 6 months last year and thankfully we were able to rely on this firm to get us through the complexity of probating two wills within months of each other.

Farren clearly explained the entire process to us and handled our court room proceedings with the utmost professionalism. I also received excellent service from her office staff and paralegal. I have recommended Sheehan law to three other friends and they have all been very pleased with the legal service they have received.”– Annette R.

“I called Sheehan Law with a vague idea of what I needed, but not quite sure. In our initial communication, any questions I had were quickly answered and it was clear that they knew exactly what I needed. The POA and DPOA were ready very quickly, and when we went in for signatures, they were also happy to notarize the HIPPA release that I brought along. The ladies in this office offer outstanding service and I would not hesitate to come back for any future legal needs.”– Dawn L.

“Last year (2019) when I lost my mother, I hired Atty. Sheehan. She and her staff were thoughtful, professional, caring and supportive. Atty. Sheehan met with me and helped me navigate a very complex situation. She attended probate with me and guided me through the process. It was a very long road and emotionally draining for me. However, she and her staff helped to make the probate process transparent, affordable, accurate and less stressful. I have much appreciation to her and her staff for all of their hardwork and I would recommend her services to anyone who hasn’t gone through probate before.”– Christina Hawkins G.

“Sheehan Law recently updated an old, lengthy trust that we had from our time living in VA. The new documents are comprehensive and understandable, and are less than 1/2 of the paperwork of our old trust. From our first Zoom meeting with Farren Sheehan to subsequent phone meetings and our will signing with Helen Valenzuela, we couldn’t be happier with their service! They are very friendly and helpful and we couldn’t be more pleased with the service we received from Sheehan Law! We highly recommend this business!”– B Croteau

“I am very grateful for Attorney Farren Sheehan for guiding me through the probate process when my husband passed away unexpectedly. Ms. Sheehan went the extra mile to assure peace of mind every step of the way. Her availability, and most of all her professionalism, knowledge, generosity and kindness can’t be matched. I also want to thank Ms. Sheehan’s professional office staff for their help and assistance in this matter.”– Mary B.

“Still working on the estate but the firm has made the process easier. Always responsive and timely, the Sheehan Law, PLLC, group is very professional at all times. I would not hesitate to recommend Farren Sheehan and her excellent staff to anyone needing estate services.”– Lorrie M.

“I approached Sheehan Law since I know Farren’s mom and have a lot of respect for her…The Sheehan office prepared wills for my parents and everything was prepared and completed to our satisfaction.”– Jeff S.

“We were in the rush to get a POA in-place for our adult child. Sheehan Law provided us thorough and timely service at an excellent price. Thank you!”– Sue L.

“The thought of an estate plan was so overwhelming. Farren made the entire process simple and less intimidating. She thought of things I never would have and I highly recommend this firm.”– Elizabeth M.

“I was first introduced to Farren Sheehan, Atty, upon my mothers death and the need to settle her estate. I found her to be very sympathetic as we worked through the process. Since then, I have used her services to manage a trust from my father as well as assisting with drafting a promissory note and preparing personal wills for my wife and I. I have always found her to be extremely professional yet personable in all legal work she has done for us.”– Steve M.

“Did my will and some POAs for my children. Super professional and very responsive to clients needs.”– Alex H.

“Great advice from this law firm. Upon completion of my Will and other documents, it’s all put together for you in am impressive binder. I was also provided with a USB port so if I need to email anyone a document all I had to do was plug the port into my computer and send the document. I was very impressed with their service and would highly recommend for your estate planning!”– Fay H.

Very Knowledgeable Attorney. Farren Sheehan is a very knowledgeable attorney who specializes in estate planning, real estate, probate and business law.”– Helen V.

Our Company’s Go To Attorney. Farren Sheehan is our company’s go to attorney for all legal needs! Her and her team are fantastic and pay extremely close attention to detail! We recommend her services to many other real estate brokerages, and we hear nothing but great things from those other companies.”– Chris T.

“Very impressed with the professionalism, competence and genuine desire to be our advocate.”– Debra K.

She’s got common sense. I’m 84. Several times in my lifetime I’ve needed to make minor changes or additions to our wills. Each time the new Lawyer has insisted that we need to rewrite the whole package of death-related documents and charged accordingly. Farren added TOD’s & codicils, recorded them, and kept the whole thing simple, understandable, & affordable.”– ken

94 year of mother. My mother is 94 years old and she needed some changes in her will. Ms Sheehan was excellent and we able to explain everything to her and to us which enabled us to make clear decisions to help her to make the changes to distribute her estate as SHE wanted. Ms Sheehan took time and was gentle, kind and very understanding of the needs of an older adult. We are so thrilled to call her our Attorney and now a good friend.”– Bob

Great Advise Great Heart GREAT LAWYER. I have known Farren Sheehan for 2 years and I have used her to confer with business decisions for my Landscaping Company. She has also advised me on real estate transactions for a home in the Houston Area. I find her to be very willing to investigate all the options for me and not just take the easy way. Farren has a knack for making you feel comfortable enough to ask questions and does not talk “over your head” in legalese. I have other ideas for some business ventures and I will use her for legal questions as well as my mentor because she also runs a small business she understands the issues.”– Hugo

Pflugerville Attorney. I did some temporary work for Farren Sheehan and was able to see her working her caseload from the inside out. It is rare to find an attorney with the dedication that she has to her craft. I was so impressed I always turn to her for advice for my Concierge Business. The content of her answers was very helpful and I feel like she helped me springboard my business to the next level. I was informed and she was able to breakdown the steps in the contracts in a manner that is was very easy to understand.”– Laurie

Smaller town Bigger Service. Wow loved the parking ….right at the door. No parking garages or elevators. Very easy access and easy to find. Upon opening the door I was greeted by a huge smile from Tarrah the legal assistant. Who seated us right away in a large conference room. Ms. Sheehan is so very kind and attentive. She give us 100% of her attention and didn’t rush through our questions. Our estate has changed since the death of our other child so we were trying to update and set up our estate. The plan was explained to us and followed through with flawless technique. We left knowing we were in good hands and that our “affairs are in order”. If you want a great caring attorney who can do the job we suggest you call Farren Sheehan.”– A Satisfied Client

Awesome Lawyer! Very personable (unusual for a lawyer). I had been trying myself to get a claim with Medicare resolved for at least 6 months. After struggling on my own I decided to consult with Ms. Sheehan. She and her staff were finally able to resolve the issue. Very happy with the friendly service I received. I would definitely not hesitate to hire her again if needed.”– Kay

Top of the line! This attorney was extremely knowledgeable, helpful and very hard working. She not only made sure all of my questions had been answered, but that I was aware of all the steps she was taking to assist me throughout the legal process. I never felt in the dark about anything. I knew straight away that I had hired the right attorney! Without a doubt will be contacting her with any other legal issues I have and will refer her to any person looking for an extremely intelligent attorney. Thank you Farren for all of your hard work!”– A Satisfied Client

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