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  • I have helped Texans from all walks of life relinquish ownership of assets using Quitclaim deeds.
  • I know when a Quitclaim deed is the right tool for what you need and what alternatives to direct you to if it is not.
  • I will provide clear guidance and direct support through the preparation and deed transfer process.

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Farren Sheehan Is A Certified Texas Quitclaim Lawyer

Filing A Texas Quitclaim Made Easy

We Will Help You…

File a claim with confidence

Resolve co-ownership with ease

Transfer property seamlessly

What Our Texas Quitclaim Clients Say

Top of the line! Farren Sheehan was extremely knowledgeable, helpful and very hard working. She not only made sure all of my questions had been answered, but that I was aware of all the steps she was taking to assist me throughout the legal process. I never felt in the dark about anything. I knew straight away that I had hired the right attorney!”

– A Satisfied Client


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