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Boutique Law Firm Helps Travis County Residents Navigate Probate Court

Are you overwhelmed trying to deal with the estate of a loved one while still struggling with grief at their passing? Don’t force yourself or your family through the probate process alone; reach out to Farren Sheehan for personalized Travis County probate guidance. 

The imposing and recently renovated Travis County Probate Courthouse is hardly a bastion of warmth or solace. And yet, every day, families find themselves there after the death of a loved one. They are not here to mourn, however, but to begin the lengthy, painful, and sometimes expensive probate process. But they do not have to face the confusing process alone.

As a “death and dirt” Texas law attorney in Travis County, Farren Sheehan has always focused on helping ordinary clients through these extraordinary situations. Her small law firm offers personalized attention and assistance tempered with compassion and support. Precisely what is required to help navigate a legally daunting process at an emotionally draining time.

Probate is a certainty in Texas, like death or taxes, except it is a daunting combination of both. But when you find yourself facing it, know that with the help of an experienced and caring probate attorney, it will be easier, smoother, and even cheaper.

Three Travis County Probate Situations You’ll Need An Attorney For

The Texas probate process is required in order to deal with someone’s estate after they pass away. Supervised by a judge, it will include the execution of the person’s will, the appointment of an executor or administrator to handle the person’s assets and property, and the paying off of any creditors before the final distribution to beneficiaries.

Every probate experience is different, but some are certainly more difficult than others. There are any number of situations that can complicate your probate process, which an experienced probate lawyer can help you through.

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How Is An Estate Administered In Texas Probate Without A Will?

Probate Law Attorney, Travis County, TX

Usually, the distribution of assets will be guided by a will, drafted and signed during the life of your loved one. However, often, during the most tragic situations, when someone passes away well before their time, there will be no will to guide them. In this case, Texas law determines how assets are distributed, and neither the deceased nor their loved ones will have any say in the process.

Additionally, they will require the estate to go through dependent administration, which means a longer, more carefully supervised, and expensive probate process.

This is why working out an estate plan is so essential; even when death is the last thing on your mind, your loved ones will always thank you for taking the time to sit down with an estate planning attorney and drafting, at the very least, a will. An experienced estate planning lawyer can even help your family avoid the probate process altogether with tools such as revocable living trusts.

Can You Be An Administrator For Your Loved One’s Probate In Texas?

If you are named as the executor of the will or chosen to be the estate’s administrator, it will be your responsibility to handle the process. Luckily, however, if your loved one left a sufficiently thorough will, you will only need to go through independent administration.

This is a much less intensive process than dependent administration and requires much less time in Travis County Probate Court. It is also a process your probate attorney can help you through at each step of the way, handling a maximum of the responsibilities and details for you.

Given the importance of property in most estates and the exceptionally high cost of property taxes in Travis County in particular, you may have to make difficult decisions when handling a loved one's property assets. Knowing how to do so optimally is one of the many ways an attorney can help you save both time and money during the probate process.

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What Happens When Probate Is Contested In Travis County?

Probate Law Attorney, Travis County, TX

Unfortunately, not every probate goes smoothly, even with a will made well in advance. Sometimes, a family member, ex-spouse, previous children, or other interested party will contest the will or its execution. This can grind probate to a halt and add months or even years of court battles to the process. In that case, you might end up being far, far too familiar with Travis County Probate Court.

Not every contested case results in such drastic outcomes, however. Sometimes, all it takes is a little careful investigation or skilled negotiation to resolve the situation. Both solutions that Sheehan Law will be able to assist with, as a small probate firm that can really take the time to delve into each client’s case.

Find A Caring And Competent Attorney To Help You Through Travis County Probate

Farren Sheehan, a “thoughtful, professional, caring and supportive” probate law attorney whose firm will make your Travis County probate experience “transparent, affordable, accurate and less stressful.”

As her client’s testimonials show, Farren Sheehan’s personalized and compassionate approach to probate law can make all the difference during this challenging time. If your loved one has recently passed away, and you are facing probate in Travis County or nearby Texas, don’t wait until complications arise to get in touch.

Whether you are seeking to avoid probate with strong estate planning or navigate the process as painlessly as possible after a loved one has passed, the earlier you start working with a probate law firm, the better.

Call the Sheehan Law offices today at (512) 355-0155; help and guidance are just a phone call away. Remember, you don’t have to go through probate on your own, not anymore.

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