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Issues frequently arise in life that require parties other than those directly involved to participate in their resolution. An objective set of eyes can help by bringing a perspective detached from the grasp of the emotions that come as a result of being personally invested in the matter.

What can you do if you are in this situation, especially when it is in the confines of the law? Can you resolve a dispute on your own in the context of the law? Even if you can, is it wise to? You may open yourself up to even more risk with one wrong move.

Sheehan Law PLLC is those set of eyes for you in matters subject to the law or that have legal ramifications. Based in Pflugerville, TX, we work to resolve a dispute you may have primarily by serving as your lawyer for mediation.

When Would I Make Use Of Mediation?

Mediation is a way that you can resolve disputes that fall under specific laws when the party you are dealing with does not or will not agree with you. In short, it is effectively a negotiation that includes a neutral third party, who is included to help facilitate the entire process. They do not make any decisions themselves, however. The mediator may be selected by both sides in the case or appointed by the judge.

Mediation can be a great path to take in your case if you or the other party cannot or will not come to any agreement over the issue at hand. Mediation is a typical course people take in:

  • Small claims court;
  • Housing court;
  • Family court;
  • Among others.

Why Would I Make Use of Mediation?

Mediation allows you to save significant time and headaches you may otherwise have. The process is designed to be short, sweet, and to the point.

In addition, it is task-orientated, which may contribute to its considerably high success rate since people tend to work more constructively with others when they have a shared task.

In your mediation case, your dispute lawyer would represent you to the third party, who would oversee all aspects of the negotiation, especially the sharing of information relevant and necessary to the case. Their fresh pair of eyes helps you and your opposition find a realistic mutual interest that you can agree to. In addition, they may assist with drafting the final settlement, as well as offer other solutions along the way. Consider exploring mediation further if you want

  • A relatively quick resolution to your case.
  • To actively participate in shaping the outcome of your case and not blindly leave it to a judge or jury’s imposition from the outside.
  • To save a lot of money by avoiding going to trial.

Sheehan Law PLLC Can Mediate For You

If you are in need of a lawyer for avoiding litigation and think mediation may be a viable option for you, give Sheehan Law PLLC a call today. We will schedule an initial consultation with you and discuss how we can help mediate your situation, among all other possible options that may serve your needs.

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