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Whether a businessperson or someone in need of legal services due to something in their everyday life, things often arise that require taking action in court. This presents a problem for many: how to navigate this unknown world you have abruptly been thrust into? Your unfamiliarity and inexperience in civil law can cost you, whether in fees you incur or lawsuits you expose yourself to from errors you make. Partnering with someone fluent in the language of civil law is your best bet to mitigate these costs and risks.

Sheehan Law PLLC assists you at every turn along the way of your civil dispute, assuring you that you have the best chance of seeing the results you need in court. Our civil law attorneys’ experience, expertise, and personalized attention to your specific case is the key to your success. We unwaveringly strive to bring you the best legal counsel or representation available, from developing the perfect strategy or considering a range of other alternatives.

What We Do For You

Civil litigation law is considerably vast, but the essence is that it consists of civil, not criminal, cases. Our civil litigation lawyers represent you, whether the defendant or plaintiff, in things such as civil action lawsuits to resolve disagreements or financial wrongdoing. We work for your best interest throughout the entire process of your case:


During this step, our civil dispute lawyers thoroughly investigate your case’s details. We also gather proof and evidence we will need to develop a robust case.


In this phase, both the plaintiff and the defendant submit documents outlining their account of the issue. The plaintiff’s document is called the “complaint” because it expresses the supposed wrongdoing of the defendant. Defendants address this with their own official reply. They can request a further explanation as well if they desire. We develop the strongest complaint or reply for you possible.


This part of the process aims to determine the black-and-white of the case — the facts. Our legal team conducts in-depth research by reviewing relevant documentation, interviewing witnesses and expert witnesses, examining the location of the incident (as relevant), and getting statements from people involved in the case.


During pre-trial, we enter negotiations with the representative(s) of the other party. We can settle here without going to trial if we manage to get favorable terms in an agreement during a negotiation. Depending on the specific case, doing this can save you a lot of time and money. We position you to get the best terms possible if it’s been decided to avoid trial.


You likely are familiar with the basics of a trial. Much like in your favorite legal television program, the trial is where a judge and jury will decide your fate. After we submit briefs to the judge outlining our argument and proof, we make opening statements, argue, question, and deliver a closing statement, all based on the strategy we develop from our desire to see your success in court.

Although we tend to focus on certain key areas within civil law, we welcome your inquiries, even if you are not certain that your case is a civil matter. Our team of civil rights attorneys will listen to your situation and see if and how we can serve your specific needs. Contact us today and learn more.

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