Dying Without A Will For Common Law Same Sex Couples
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Dying Without A Will For Common Law Same Sex Couples

Many people in Texas don’t have a Will. However, if a person dies without a Will directing to whom their property passes, the person dies “intestate” and the laws of intestacy determine who gets the deceased’s property. As we will discuss in this article, it is especially important to have a Will if the person …

How Long Does Probate Take in Texas?

When winding up business affairs of a person who has passed away, many people may be concerned about how long it will take to go through the probate process to probate a Will. There is a series of events that should take place to effectively probate a Will. In this article we will discuss the …

How Much Does Probate Cost in Texas?

A big concern for many people thinking of probating a Will is the cost of the probate process. Texas law allows for a streamlined process of probating Wills called independent administration. If independent administration is provided for in the Will, executors and administrators can perform their duties largely independent of court supervision, thereby reducing the …